Abdi Khalif
1x14 Abdi
Actor Owiso Odera
Other Actor Robert Lonzo Thompson (Young)
First Seen "137 Sekunden"
Last Seen "Better Angels"
Name Abdi Khalif
Status Deceased, Shot by Marshall Vogel in "Better Angels"
Job Shepherd (as a boy)
warlord (as an adult)
Saw in Flash Making a speech about future of Somalia to a large number of men

Abdi Khalif was a Somali warlord.

Character BiographyEdit


As a young, Somali boy, Khalif witnessed the Ganwar incident. He was herding a group of goats, which suddenly become anxious for seemingly no reason. Looking around him, Abdi noticed a flock of crows in the sky, in what seems to be the same distress as his goats. Without warning, the crows drop to the ground, dead; Abdi abandoned his goats, and reached a small town, possibly his own. Seeing the dead crows on the ground, as well as people lying unconscious, Abdi spotted a tower that appeared to be emitting something. ("137 Sekunden")

He was not affected by the blackout because he was outside the perimeter of the towers. When he went into the village, he mistook the unconscious people, including his mother, as dead after he saw a black camel, an omen of death. ("Better Angels")

2010 Edit

Having became a warlord, Abdi ambushed and captured Demetri Noh, Janis Hawk, Marshall Vogel, and Simon Campos. He has learned English and is now a ruthless and cruel man. Although he originally believed God caused the blackout, he comes to believe, through Janis, that he has a destiny in ending the fighting in Somalia. He is killed by Vogel, however, while threatening Simon. ("Better Angels")

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • If he's apparently dead, then how is he going to make a speech?