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Agent Curdy
1x01 FBI Agent.jpg
Actor Seth MacFarlane
First Seen "No More Good Days"
Name Agent Jake Curdy
Status Unknown
Job FBI Agent
Saw in Flash Unknown (Although he did see the date and time - "April 29th, 10:00PM")

Agent Jake Curdy is an FBI Agent stationed at the Los Angeles Field Office during the time before and after the GBO.


Agent Curdy was working at the Los Angeles Field Office.


It is unknown what exactly Curdy saw in his flashforward, although he does remember noticing the date and time (10 PM on April 29, 2010). ("No More Good Days")

Post Flash[]

In the immediate aftermath of the blackout, Agent Curdy joined the others at the Los Angeles Field Office in discussing and investigating the extent and potential causes of the blackouts. He later took part in a meeting along with Los Angeles Field Office Director Stan Wedeck, agents Mark Benford, Demetri Noh, Janis Hawk, Al Gough, Vreede, and several others. It is in this meeting that the existence, extent, and significance of the flashforwards are realized, with Curdy revealing that his flashforward will occur at 10 PM on April 29, 2010. ("No More Good Days")

Several months later, Mark Benford and Marshall Vogel began taking steps to identify a mole in the Los Angeles Field Office, one leaking critical information on the Mosaic Investigation, resulting in the deaths or near-deaths of several people both within and outside the FBI. Curdy is quarantined in a meeting room for over thirty-six hours, along with Janis Hawk, Demetri Noh, Marcie Turoff, Agent Vreede, Stan Wedeck, Simon Campos, and others. Stan questions him about why his computer is so well protected and asks him if there is something he doesn't want anyone to see. He then reveals that this is because he plays an "RPG" (Role Playing Game) called Warlocks of Avalon and that his character has an invisible cloak. Vreede jokingly asks to borrow the cloak so he can avoid interrogation. After several hours, Marcie is found to be the mole and attempts to shoot her way out of the office. Curdy was shot by Marcie in the right shoulder straight away before he could do anything to stop her. ("Queen Sacrifice")


  • Curdy's status is unclear. He was not shown to have died or lived. ("Queen Sacrifice")
  • Agent Curdy has appeared in 2 of 22 aired episodes. He appeared in unaired scenes from another episode.
  • He is an fan of an online roleplaying game called Warlocks of Avalon, going so far to play it out on his work computer (and hide it under password protection). ("Queen Sacrifice")
  • The actor who plays Curdy is Seth MacFarlane, and his name was never actually included in the end credits for FlashForward.