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This article is about the actual device. For the phrase that can refer to this device, see Q.E.D.
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An alpha ring is a quantum entanglement device in the form of a finger ring which protects the wearer from the effects of a Global Blackout.

The term "ALPHA RING" appears in white on Dyson Frost's wall. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Appearance and composition[]

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Each ring is set with a dark stone and engraved on both sides with the Greek letter alpha. ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

Each ring contains an enormous amount of microcircuitry. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")



After NSA digitally-enhances the Detroit video, Janis Hawk and Stanford Wedeck spot a ring on the right hand of Suspect Zero, the only person then known to have been conscious during the first Global Blackout. ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

Neil Parofsky gave a briefcase to two three-star tattoo men. One of those tattoo men passes the briefcase along to Flosso, who opens the briefcase to reveal six alpha rings inside. Flosso then remarks that there should be seven rings and kills the man who gave him the case. ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

Some time after wearing the ring during the blackout, Simon Campos suggested the rings were "some sort of quantum entanglement device". ("Revelation Zero, Part 2")

The first alpha ring was created by Dyson Frost six months before the first Global Blackout and shown to Lucas Hellinger and Alda Hertzog. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

With the help of a clue Frost gave Mark Benford before Frost died, Mark found one of the rings inside the white queen that was posted to the Mosaic Investigation wall. Janis was ordered to retrieve it from the evidence locker by Carline. ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

The Global Blackout conspiracy kidnapped Annabelle Campos to force Simon Campos to steal the alpha ring Mark found. ("Course Correction")

After seeking aid from Janis, on April 29, 2010, Simon snuck into NLAP with the help of Demetri Noh. Simon gave Demetri the alpha ring as a show of good faith. As the second Global Blackout neared, Demetri, wanting to experience a flashforward because he did not during the first Global Blackout, returned the alpha ring to Simon. ("Future Shock")

Lita wears an alpha ring while transporting Janis Hawk in a wheelchair during the second Global Blackout. ("Future Shock")

Known wearers[]

First Global Blackout[]

The known wearers of alpha rings during the first Global Blackout are:

Second Global Blackout[]

The known wearers of an alpha ring during the second Global Blackout are:

Unanswered questions[]

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  • Why are the alpha rings engraved with the Greek letter alpha?
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