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Romanchak at the Blue Hand club

A Blue Hand club is a gathering place for members of Already Ghosts. There are many Blue Hand clubs, in many cities. There are at least two such clubs in Los Angeles. At a Blue Hand club, members can engage in hedonism and high-risk activities, up to and including suicide pacts. The leader of each Blue Hand club meeting is known as "Raynaud"; the person acting as Raynaud differs from club to club, and sometimes from week to week.

Demetri Noh and Al Gough follow painted blue hands to a Blue Hand club where they find the bodies of Jason Martinez, Diana Davis, and Ian Rutherford, who had all committed suicide. ("Scary Monsters and Super Creeps") ("The Gift")

Later, Mark Benford, Noh, and Gough enter another Blue Hand club, where they encounter Romanchak, with whom they play Russian roulette with a Not Today bullet. The FBI agents arrest the club's current Raynaud, Jeff Slingerland. ("The Gift")