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Celia Quinones
1x07 Celia.jpg
Actor Lena Georgas
First Seen "The Gift"
Last Seen "Course Correction"
Name Celia Quinones
Status Unknown
Job Unknown
Saw in Flash Nothing

Celia Quinones is a woman referenced in Al Gough's flashforward.

Celia did not have a flashforward and is thus a ghost. Members of Already Ghosts attempt to recruit Celia, leaving a poster on her car. ("The Gift")

During Gough's flashforward, he is discussing the Ian Rutherford case with Fiona Banks when he receives a phone call from his attorney, informing him that Celia, injured in an accident caused by Gough, has died, leaving her twin sons orphans. ("The Gift")

Unable to live with the guilt of causing someone's death, Gough commits suicide by jumping off the top of the FBI building in order to save Celia's life. He leaves a letter for her informing her that she need not worry about being a ghost. ("The Gift")

After she appeared on television talking about how she had avoided getting hit by a car thanks to Gough's actions, Jeff Slingerland attempted to "course correct" her survival by killing her. Demetri Noh and Fiona Banks tried to stop Slingerland, but in the process, Banks accidentally hit and critically injured Celia. Although she was critically injured and sent to the hospital, it is unknown whether she lived beyond April 29th. Banks feared she would recieve the same call Al had received in his FlashForward on April 29th informing her that Celia had in fact died from the hit. ("Course Correction")


  • Celia has appeared in 3 of 22 aired episodes.

Unanswered Questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • Will Celia Quinones die of the injuries she sustained when Fiona Banks hit her?

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