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"Course Correction"

Episode Season {{#pad:1|2|0|left}}, Number 19
Air Date Thursday, May 6, 2010
Title Image Mosaic Investigation wall, sketched by Gabriel McDow
Written by Robert J. Sawyer
Directed by Leslie Libman
Guest Stars Barry Shabaka Henley as Agent Vreede
Alex Kingston as Fiona Banks
Callum Keith Rennie as Jeff Slingerland
James Frain as Gordon Myhill
Tim Rock as Michael Zamperion
Hannah Marks as Anabelle Campos
Michelle Hurd as Liz Kayson
Shaun Duke Moosekian as Dr. Lahar Bahti
with James Callis as Gabriel McDow
Co-starring Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Debbie
Ryan Wynott as Dylan
Lena Georgas as Celia
Chelsea Rendon as Kyra
Guy Kent as Chad
Nadine Ellis as Agent Tremont
John J. Deignan as Andy Weeks
Glenn Herman as SWAT guy
Malcolm Foster Smith as Maintenance Worker
Dave B. Mitchell as Attorney
Episode Images

"Course Correction" is the nineteenth episode of season one of FlashForward. It first aired in the United States on Thursday, May 6, 2010, on ABC.


Previously on FlashForward[]

Day of NLAP launch[]

The NLAP particle accelerator about to be initiated.

On October 6, 2009, Lloyd and Simon finish final preparations to launch the linear accelerator at NLAP when Simon receives a call from his mother. He has to leave, because his father has died.

Lloyd, Gordon Myhill, other NLAP personnel, and journalist Angie Tremont gather in the control room. After launch, some sort of wave spreads across the Earth. Just as it meets with a second wave, everyone loses consciousness and collapses.

Annabelle's kidnapping and Simon's role uncovered[]

Annabelle warns Simon to stay back

The Global Blackout conspiracy arranges for Annabelle Campos to be seen on a bridge by Simon Campos so that she can tell him that they want Simon to recover the seventh ring. They then take her away in a white van, whose license plate Simon tries to get FBI analyst Michael Zamperion to identify. Zamperion instead tells Mark Benford about the plate, and Benford confronts Simon, who admits his sister was kidnapped.

Simon finds Lloyd Simcoe in the parking lot and thanks Lloyd for all the help Lloyd has given Simon over the years. Simon then leaves.

Zamperion narrows down the possible area Annabelle is being held to a few blocks. Mark searches the blocks one-by-one, and is directed to a particular building with the help of a maintenance worker. There, he finds the white van, with Annabelle inside and unharmed.

Mark goes to Lloyd's house to tell Lloyd that Simon has disappeared, only to discover Olivia there (see Olivia, Gabriel, and Lloyd section below).

Zamperion, Mark, and Stanford Wedeck re-examine video of Suspect Zero and conclude that Simon is Suspect Zero.

When Mark questions Annabelle, she tells him that the Global Blackout conspiracy is planning to have Simon cause another blackout. She does not tell him about the demand for the ring.

Olivia, Gabriel, and Lloyd[]

Olivia maneuvers Gabriel back to his bed

Lloyd Simcoe goes on television. He states that he is sure that the Global Blackout did not cause any brain damage and that there will be no more blackouts, though in reality he is worried that he is lying.

Olivia Benford is treating Gabriel McDow at Angeles Hospital. Shelly Vreede arrives, trying to ask Gabriel about a sketch of the Mosaic Investigation wall found in Gabriel's belongings (this sketch is the title image of the episode). Gabriel's response is that "it's all there" and that he has seen the wall on a trip (to the FBI office), apparently in a flashforward, during which he rearranged some of the connections on the wall.

Lloyd and Dylan Simcoe arrive to visit Olivia and Charlie, respectively. Gabriel begins teasing Lloyd and Olivia, saying they should be together like he saw in his flashforwards.

Olivia comforts Lloyd by showing him brain scans which suggest that the Global Blackout did not cause any brain damage. They share a brief moment of intimacy which is interrupted by a knock on the door. The caller is Mark Benford, who has come to tell Lloyd that Simon Campos has disappeared. An embarrassed Olivia quickly leaves.

Serial killer hunt[]

Celia meets her fate

Fiona Banks travels to Los Angeles when Andy Weeks is found poisoned with warfarin. She is joined on the crime scene by Demetri. Andy was a "ghost" who lived past his supposed death date. According to the Mosaic website he should have died from a medicine allergy. The fact that he was poisoned leads Fiona to believe that the killer tries to mimic the cause of death foreseen in the flashforwards – a pattern that has been observed in similar murders of ghosts.

Fiona and Demetri go and question Jeff Slingerland, the head of the Blue Hand club they had questions before ("The Gift"). He admits to have known Andrew but isn't very shocked to learn about his murder, as this would be to restore the balance of the universe.

They continue to talk to Chad, an employee at the coffee house where Andrew regularly bought coffee. He remembers Andy discussing about fate and destiny with a man with a horseshoe ring – a description fitting Slingerland.

Fiona and Demetri go back to the high school where Jeff teaches. He sees the two approach and escapes. The message left with a student named Kyra for Demetri lets him deduce that Slingerland will target Celia Quinones next. Jeff tries to hit Celia with his car but Demetri is able to stop him by hitting his car first. While running away Celia runs into Fiona's car and is critically wounded.

Bryce, Nicole, and Keiko[]

Nicole's learns Keiko's location

Nicole Kirby visits Bryce Varley while he is getting chemotherapy. She gives him a self-help book, The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times by Pema Chodron.

Bryce learns during an office visit with Dr. Lahar Bahti that his cancer is in remission and rushes to Angeles Hospital to tell Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole has discovered that Keiko Arahida is being held by ICE. She starts to tell Bryce, but is interrupted by Bryce kissing her.



The script for this episode was written by Robert J. Sawyer, author of the novel upon which the series is based.

During scene of Linear accelerator's launch there were among other visible flashes of Zoey, Aaron, Rudolf Geyer, Stan, Didi Gibbons, Timothy, Janis, Charlie Benford/Dylan Simcoe, Nicole, Olivia, Mark, and Keiko.

Production Notes[]

Unanswered Questions[]

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  • Will all ghosts who outlived their expected deaths fall victims to "course correction"?
  • Is there such thing as "course correction" or it is just wrong theory/delusion?
  • What was the point of origin of the second wave?
  • Is Simon in with the group that asked Janis to steal the ring?


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