David S. Goyer
Name David Samuel Goyer
Jobs Creator
Executive producer
Date of birth 22 December 1965

David S. Goyer is a writer, director, executive producer, and showrunner for FlashForward.


Goyer was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in December of 1965. He attended the University of Southern California.

Goyer is married to Jessika Borsiczky, also an executive producer of FlashForward. Both of Goyer's arms are heavily tattooed.

Works on FlashForwardEdit


Goyer's main film credits come from adaptations of comic books. Goyer is perhaps best known for writing the screenplay for the 2008 blockbuster The Dark Knight, but has also written other films, such as Batman Begins, the Blade trilogy, and the film Jumper.

Goyer has also directed several films, including Blade:Trinity, The Invisible, and The Unborn. Goyer is also slated to direct the film X-Men Origins: Magneto, a follow-up to 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

On FlashForwardEdit

In late 2008, Goyer worked with Brannon Braga to adapt Robert J. Sawyer's novel Flash Forward into a television script. The two succeeded, writing the episode "No More Good Days" When screened before executives at ABC, the series was picked up for an order of thirteen episodes. Goyer will serve as showrunner, along with Marc Guggenheim.