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Dylan Simcoe
1x11 Dylan.jpg
Actor Ryan Wynott
Other Actor Bryce Robinson (Dylan on gurney)
First Seen "No More Good Days"
Last Seen "Future Shock"
Name Dylan Simcoe
Status Alive
Job Child
Saw in Flash Saw Charlie telling him "it's your home too" about the Benford's home and read address on refrigerator.

Dylan Simcoe is the eight-year-old Autistic son of Lloyd Simcoe.

Character Biography[]


Dylan is the son of brilliant quantum physicist, Lloyd Simcoe. He lived with his mom prior to the blackout. Lloyd struggled to bond with his son as a result of Dylan's autism.

Dylan was outside at school, when the global blackout occurred.


Dylan and his father, Lloyd, in Dylan's flashforward ("Scary Monsters and Super Creeps")

It is unknown what Dylan fully saw in his vision, but during it he was in the Benford's home. Charlie was welcoming Dylan, saying that, "It's your house too." Dylan then takes a cookie from the ceramic chicken cookie jar. On the refrigerator he sees a piece of junk mail with the Benford's address and memorizes it. He also distinctly remembers a piece of children's artwork made by Charlie: a yellow construction paper heart with a picture of Olivia and Charlie in the middle and around the outside is written, "I love my Mommy, Olivia."


Dylan in hospital. ("White to Play")

After the blackout, Dylan had been seriously injured by a car that plowed through a fence at the school during the event. He sustained a head injury on the right and abdominal bruising on the left. He was taken to the hospital, and placed under the care of Dr. Olivia Benford. On their first contact at the hospital, she tried to comfort him that he is going to be okay, to which he replied, "I know, Olivia," to Dr. Benford's surprise.

During his treatment in the ER, his left lung collapsed, and Dr. Benford and Bryce Varley released the pressure with a chest tube, stabilizing him. While he recovered, it was learned that his mother died on Interstate Highway 405, and attempts were being made to contact his father. Lloyd Simcoe arrived that night, while Dylan slept with Bryce Varley watching over him.

Days after while still in recovery, Olivia takes Charlie to ask her if she knows who Lloyd is. When she sees Dylan, she begins to cry and asks "Who hurt Dylan?".


  • In "No More Good Days" the part of Dylan was played by two actors: Bryce Robinson and Ryan Wynott. While Robinson was credited as "Dylan Simcoe", Wynott was credited as "Dylan Simcoe #2". Wynott plays the role in subsequent episodes.
  • Dylan has appeared in 13 of 22 aired episodes.

Unanswered Questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • Did Dylan's autism affect his flashes or perception of the GBO?
  • How did Dylan seem to understand complex quantum mechanics?

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