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The FBI's Los Angeles building

Overhead side view of the same building

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the primary law enforcement agency of the federal government of the United States of America. The current Director is Director Middleton. Its Los Angeles branch began the Mosaic Investigation of the Global Blackout.

The Bureau from ground zero view, with the fountain in the foreground

== Los Angeles Field Office ==

Before the blackout, the Los Angeles Field Office had taken a large role in the investigation of the terrorists Khalid and Omar. This investigation was apparentally of high importance, as evident from Field Director Wedeck's strong interest during a stakeout of the two men by FBI Agents Mark Benford and Demetri Noh. With Khalid and Omar having been killed during the blackout and their accomplice Alda Hertzog apprehended, the Los Angeles Field Office shifted their main focus to investigating the blackout. Wedeck placed Benford, Noh, and Agent Janis Hawk in charge of the investigation, titled Mosaic.

Members of the Los Angeles Field Office have included:

People who are not FBI agents but who are stationed at the Los Angeles Field Office have included:

Contrary to popular belief, the building is NOT fictional; it's the Department of Water and Power in Los Angeles, Downtown. In an interior shot inside Wedeck's office, we can see the Walt Disney Concert Hall in the background, which is on the other side of the southern road intersection. ("Course Correction")

The real FBI office in Los Angeles is located at 11000 Wilshire Boulevard, Westwood.

FBI personnel outside the Los Angeles office[]

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