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Fiona Banks
Fiona Banks.jpg
Actor Alex Kingston
First Seen "No More Good Days"
Last Seen "Course Correction"
Name Fiona Banks
Status Alive
Job Scotland Yard Agent
Saw in Flash Herself in a meeting with FBI agent Al Gough

Fiona Banks is an inspector at New Scotland Yard.

Character Biography[]


Fiona was a liaison between Scotland Yard and the Los Angeles FBI.


Fiona met with Al Gough in her London office at 6 am on April 30, 2010. They were working on the Rutherford case. Their conversation was interrupted when a bird flew into the window, breaking its neck.


In the aftermath of the global blackout, Fiona received a call from Al Gough. She told him that she knew why he was calling. They compared notes and confirmed that they saw the same thing in their respective visions. ("No More Good Days")

Fiona travelled to Los Angeles to confer with the FBI agents about Ian Rutherford. While there, she expressed her distress about her inability to do anything to put the bird that flew into her window our of its misery. Al Gough suggested that she might be able to prevent the crash by taping her window. Fiona rushed to the roof of the FBI building when it became known that Gough was planning to commit suicide. After she watched him fall and returned to London, she taped the windows of her office. ("The Gift")


  • Fiona has appeared in 3 of 22 aired episodes.

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