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1x08 Ring Leader.jpg
Actor Ricky Jay
First Seen "Playing Cards with Coyote"
Last Seen "Revelation Zero, Part 2"
Name Flosso
Uncle Teddy
Status Deceased
Job Middleman
Saw in Flash Awake

Flosso is a bearded man who accepts a briefcase from a three-star tattoo man. The briefcase contains six of seven rings. Flosso promptly shoots the man dead and calmly walks away.("Playing Cards with Coyote")

Simon Campos' family knows him as "Uncle Teddy." ("Revelation Zero, Part 1")

Character Biography[]

Before the Blackout[]

Flosso was one of the conspirators involved in the blackout, and was in league with Dyson Frost. He met Simon at the Detroit Stadium during the blackout, collecting the ring that kept Simon awake, and told him he needed to create a good "flash" - since no one needs to know he was awake. He also implied he was responsible for Simon's father's death, saying it was "fortunate" for making a good alibi for Simon. ("Revelation Zero, Part 2")


Flosso was awake during the Global Blackout because he was wearing one of the seven alpha rings.

After the Blackout[]

Flosso accepts a briefcase from a three-star tattoo man. When he opens it to reveal six rings, he remarks that there should be seven rings. He then quotes Kenneth Bainbridge of the Manhattan Project and kills the tattoo man who handed the case to him. ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

He was behind the kidnapping of Lloyd Simcoe and later Simon Campos. He attempted to find information from Simcoe, and tortured Simon to get the info, ending with him having his men cut off a portion of Simon's pinky finger. Later, after Benford rescued Simcoe, Simon ended up in an ambulance where Flosso told him he had to "improvise" and "direct suspicion away from Simon". He then threatened to reveal Simon as Suspect Zero if he did not cooperate. ("Revelation Zero, Part 2")

He was later seen at Simon's mother's house, and is called "Uncle Teddy" by Simon's family. When Simon's missing sister, Annabelle, called, Flosso revealed to Simon that she was actually being held at gunpoint while making the call. Simon and Flosso walked outside, where Flosso told Simon that his professor would not be able to help him - and showed Simon the professor's body in his trunk. Simon then tackled Flosso. Knowing he had emphysema, Simon compressed Flosso's chest to threaten him with suffocation. Simon insisted on speaking to Flosso's bosses. Flosso refused, so Simon killed him. ("Revelation Zero, Part 2").


Flosso is a pseudonym that the character asks the kidnapped Lloyd to call him; not his actual name .

The name Flosso was probably chosen because Ricky Jay is a professional magician, as was Al Flosso.

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