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Gabriel McDow
1x17 Gabriel McDow.jpg
Actor James Callis
First Seen "The Garden of Forking Paths"
Last Seen "The Negotiation"
Name Gabriel McDow
Status Alive
Job Unknown
Saw in Flash Unknown

Gabriel McDow is an autistic savant who approaches Olivia Benford and Shelly Vreede while they are at an institution for autistic savants. Gabriel claims to have seen Olivia Benford in line getting coffee many times before and to be a friend of Kent. He also mentions he was a participant of the Raven River experiments. ("The Garden of Forking Paths")

Gabriel McDow appears in the title image of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", episode 18 of season 1. He is tied down on a bed in the Raven River Hospital for the Raven River experiments. ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

Gabriel later enters Olivia's home without her permission, frightening her. He warns her not to buy coffee from a man who looks like Mr. Clean. As it turned out, if she had bought coffee from that man, she might have been hurt or killed in a car accident. Olivia discovers that Gabriel had appeared in the background of many of the photographs in her photo albums, going many years back. ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

When she goes to the Raven River Hospital with Vreede, she encounters Gabriel again, and he explains to her how he was a participant in the Raven River experiments and how she was supposed to attend Harvard and marry Lloyd Simcoe, instead of attending UCLA and marrying Mark Benford. ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road")

The FBI question McDow with Olivia present to help keep him calm. When shown photographs of Nhadra Udaya and Kent Nelson, McDow says both were part of the Raven River experiments and that a man he calls "Big Guy" was the leader. McDow shows the FBI a sketch of "Big Guy" depicting Lucas Hellinger. ("The Negotiation")

The FBI have Mark Benford pose as McDow and use moving McDow as bait to entrap the Global Blackout conspiracy into an assault that fails and which allows the FBI to capture Hellinger. ("The Negotiation")

McDow likes to tell people that he has a "huge hippocampus." ("The Negotiation")


  • Gabriel McDow has appeared in 4 of 22 aired episodes.
  • His name Gabriel may reference to the Archangel Gabriel, who is a messenger of God. Gabriel also seems to be a messenger to Olivia.  Coincidentally, actor James Callis is known for his portrayal of Gaius Baltar in the revived Battlestar Galactica series.  Over the course of that series, his character was visited by Messengers/Angels many times.
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