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A tower in Ganwar

An unknown smoke or powder

There was a system of towers or pylons in Ganwar, Somalia, during the 1991 Ganwar incident. Only one is initially seen, but later it is revealed there are five towers in total, forming the points of a pentagon.

In the flashback in "137 Sekunden", a large tower in the Ganwar district of Somalia appeared to be emitting smoke, particles, radiation, or some substance that appears to cause an atmospheric disturbance during the Ganwar incident.

The tower is out of place in this remote village of small one and two story adobe type buildings. The tower appears to be several hundred feet tall and capped by some type of equipment. It also appears that there may be a ladder on the side of the tower.

While investigating the GBO, the FBI initially finds the pentagon of towers in satellite images of Ganwar taken in 1991. ("Gimme Some Truth")

When the FBI show the satellite images to Simon Campos, he identifies each tower as a "specialized pulsed laser for a plasma afterburner". ("A561984") Campos claims he came up with the idea in 1992, a year after the towers were already in existence, and that he has no idea who came up with the idea before he did. ("A561984")

At the present moment, only one of the towers at the Ganwar site is still standing. It is not known what happened to the other four ("Blowback")

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  • Have more towers been built around the world since 1991?
  • In the present Simon said that the technology doesn't exist yet. How where they built?