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Gimme Some Truth

Q: Was Senator Clemente lying about seeing herself as President in her flashforward considering that Dave Segovia was addressed as president in his flashforward?

A: The term Mr. President is for life, even if he was no longer President Dave Segovia would still be referred to as Mr. President.

A: Senator Clemente is involved in the plot and as of the flashforward, she will engaged in activity that will depose the president and put her in charge. (If all goes according to plan.)

Q: Could the representative who simply stated "The Chinese" be on to something?

A: The event does appear to be a planned occurance by way of the towers, and the people who were not affected by the blackout as everyone else in the world was.  The person who calls and speaks of the agent's death on March 16th is herself asian and appears to be calling from one of the larger coastal cities in China such as Beijing.  The assailants in the SUV at the end of Gimme Some Truth also appeared to be asian in origin (however that may simply have been the president trying to kill off the FBI agents)  Also I noticed that the SUV that rammed them appeared to have diplomatic plates with the following license plate # "7S 8487"  ~Q