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Helmut Drescher
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Helmut Drescher
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Helmut Drescher (often known as "Moot") is a character in Robert J. Sawyer's novel Flash Forward.

Fictional character biographyEdit


During the flashforward, the young Drescher experienced a vision of himself performing an autopsy on the body of a dead Theo Procopides. The vision was graphic and therefore quite scarring, and Drescher tried not to think about it. When visited by Procopides himself about the vision, Drescher tried to explain the details of his vision, but his inclusion of the setting of a wrestling match led Theo to be somewhat skeptical about the veracity of Drescher's vision.


Twenty years later, Drescher worked as a police detective in Sweden. While working at his office, he was approached once again by Procopides, who requested Drescher's protection from the killing that the visions indicated would happen that day. Drescher's supervisor, however, did not allow him to go, and Theo returned to "the ring," a part of CERN headquarters where the Tachyon-Tardyon Collider was kept.

Meanwhile, at police station, Drescher realized that the wrestling match he had thought of all those years actually referred to "the ring" (a common name for the wrestling arena is "the ring"), and realized that Theo was indeed in real danger. Drescher followed Procopides to the ring, and found him being held at gunpoint by Wolfgang Rusch, who had a bomb that he intended to destroy "the ring" with. During the confrontation with Rusch, Drescher was shot in the shoulder, but survived. Rusch was soon stopped, and Drescher was carried to safety after the bomb was safely detonated in an open area.