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On Mark's wall ("Revelation Zero, Part 1")

A painting of a Hydra is seen on both Mark Benford's Mosaic Investigation wall in Mark's flashforward and later appears on Nhadra Udaya's Mosaic Wall. Despite the clue appearing on both walls, there are differences.

In his original Flash, Mark saw a much less distinct version of the picture.

The clue has not been added to Mark's board and is only seen in his flashforward. In the future, it will appear near the bottom of the board and slightly to the right. Behind the hydra in the painting is a pyramid-shaped building.

On Nhadra's wall ("A561984")

The clue can also be seen on Nhadra's wall at the top-right side along with other clues, some of which are different from those on Mark's wall. Unlike with Mark's board, Nhadra's version of the clue is already present on her board. The pyramid and the hydra's body have been cropped out of the photo, leaving only the many heads. ("A561984")

After finding out from Lloyd Simcoe that D. Gibbons is Dyson Frost and that Frost was supposedly killed on a boat named Le monstre de Boisteau, Mark Benford figures out that the hydra painting is an illustration from a book by Pierre Boisteau. ("Better Angels")

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  • What is the significance of Nhadra's version of the painting being cropped to omit the pyramid?
  • Why does Nhadra have the clue before Mark?