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Ian McKinnon
Name Ian McKinnon
Status Deceased
Job Unknown
Saw in Flash Unknown

Ian McKinnon is a chess player who played against Dyson Frost in 1987. He was found murdered in San Francisco before Mark and Demetri had a chance to talk to him. ("Queen Sacrifice")


Hardly anything is known about McKinnon. He used to be the reigning champion of a chess league until Frost beat him in 1987. The match was used by Frost to send a message to Mark. The critical move, a "Queen Sacrifice", was the title used for the 15th episode. ("Queen Sacrifice")

Ian was called by Mark, but as soon as Mark mentioned the name "Dyson Frost", he hung up. After arriving in San Francisco about eight hours later, Demetri and Mark are told that Ian was found murdered. ("Queen Sacrifice")


The name was inspired from Iain Mackinnon, who is one of the people behind Flashforcast, a podcast dedicated to Flashforward.

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  • What did he know that was so important he had to be killed for it?