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Jeff Slingerland
Jeff Slingerland.jpg
Actor Callum Keith Rennie
First Seen "The Gift"
Last Seen "Course Correction"
Name Jeff Slingerland
Status Deceased
Job Teacher of American history at South Fairfax High School
Saw in Flash Nothing
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Jeff Slingerland (played by actor Callum Keith Rennie) was a teacher of American history at South Fairfax High School. During the Global Blackout, he experienced no flashforward, and is thus a ghost. After the GBO, he joined Already Ghosts and became the Raynaud of a Blue Hand club in Los Angeles. He was arrested and interrogated by FBI agents Mark Benford, Demetri Noh, and Al Gough. Demetri showed Jeff a picture of a deceased member of the Blue Hand who was responsible for shooting Janis Hawk. Jeff ignored his questions and revealed no information as to who the man was. Demetri wanted to question Jeff some more but Mark knew Jeff wouldn't talk as he had nothing to lose, because he knew he was going to die soon anyway. ("The Gift")

Believing that lives had to be "balanced" against other lives, Slingerland began killing surviving ghosts, among them Andrew Weeks. ("Course Correction")

After Celia Quinones appeared on television talking about how she had avoided getting hit by a car thanks to Gough's actions, Jeff Slingerland attempted to "course correct" her survival by killing her. Demetri Noh and Fiona Banks tried to stop Slingerland. Noh crashed his car into Slingerland's, who got out of the car and began chasing after Quinones, who fled on foot. Banks accidentally hit and critically injured Celia. Slingerland then collapsed and died. ("Course Correction")