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Joyce Clemente
Actor Barbara Williams
First Seen "Gimme Some Truth"
Name Joyce Clemente
Status Alive
Job Senator
Vice President
Saw in Flash Herself as president

Joyce Clemente is the Vice President of the United States. She was formerly Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings into the Global Blackout.

Character biography[]


In 2004, Clemente ran for President against Dave Segovia (presumably during the party primaries, since she is probably of the same party as the President). She tried to expose Segovia's affair with Renee Garrigos. However, Segovia's political fixer, Stanford Wedeck, arranged for a payment of a quarter of a million dollars to buy Garrigos's silence and have her disappear. Clemente was thus unable to prove her claims of scandal, for which she harbors a grudge against Wedeck. ("Gimme Some Truth")


In her flashforward, Joyce saw herself in the oval office, sitting at the desk and writing something concerning Jericho on a piece of paper. She told Stan Wedeck that she saw herself as President of the United States and that Jericho was involved in President Segovia's downfall. ("Let No Man Put Asunder")


As Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, she led hearings on investigations into the Global Blackout. She heard testimony from Surgeon General Anita Ralston, SETI Chairman Warren Moore, and CIA Director Keller. She is skeptical of the value of the Mosaic Investigation. ("Gimme Some Truth")

Wedeck blackmails Dave Segovia, using the Renee Garrigos affair, into putting pressure on Clemente to approve funding for the Mosaic Investigation. She agrees, and in return for doing so, Segovia appoints her Vice President of the United States. ("Gimme Some Truth")

Clemente later summons Wedeck, wanting him to investigate Jericho because in her flashforward, they were involved with the downfall of President Segovia. As a result, in order to collect evidence against Jericho, Wedeck contacts and helps Aaron Stark get into Afghanistan. ("Let No Man Put Asunder")


Stan Wedeck calls Clemente "Joyce;" however, the nameplate on her Senate desk reads "Jane Clemente". ("Gimme Some Truth")

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  • Was Clemente using Wedeck to fish out information from Jericho in order for her to topple the president?