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Keiko Arahida
1x09 Keiko Arrives.jpg
Actor Yuko Takeuchi
First Seen "The Gift"
Last Seen "Future Shock"
Name Keiko Arahida
Status Alive
Job Engineer
Saw in Flash Running to a restaurant and meeting Bryce

Keiko Arahida is a Japanese woman who appears in Bryce Varley's flashforward. In the Japanese language, which puts family names before given names, her name would be あらひだ・けいこ Arahida Keiko.

Character Biography[]

Before the Blackout[]

Arahida lives in Tokyo, and her parents work in a restaurant. ("Believe") She plays guitar and is a fan of Jimi Hendrix. ("Believe") She enjoys salsa dancing. ("Believe")

Arahida has liked robotics since she was a teenager. ("Believe") She majored in mechanical engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Tokyo, where she graduated at the top of the class, and has a masters degree in biomedical engineering and robotics. ("Believe") She gets a job at Nakahara, a leading Japanese robotics firm. ("Believe")


In hers and Bryce Varley's flashforwards, they are in love and meet in a restaurant in California. ("Believe")

After the Blackout[]

She gets the Japanese kanji tattooed on her left wrist because it is there in her flashforward. ("Believe") To the disapproval of her mother, Arahida quits her job, because she finds it boring and feels that her superiors do not respect her, treating her as an office assistant despite her advanced education. ("Believe") She flies to Los Angeles to pursue her musical aspirations and to try to find Bryce Varley. ("Believe") Ironically, unknown to either of them, Bryce was on the same plane as her, flying back from Tokyo where he had tried unsuccessfully to find her. ("Believe")

Arahida waits in the same Japanese restaurant every day in the hopes that Bryce will come in, like in her flashforward. ("Queen Sacrifice")

After Arahida helps Emil Gutierrez adjust the suspension of a car, Gutierrez hires her to work for his automobile repair shop. They become friends and sit together at a restaurant, unaware that Bryce Varley and Nicole Kirby are right outside. Varley and Kirby's plans of entering the restaurant were interrupted by an abrupt kiss instigated by Varley. Shortly afterwards, ICE raids the automobile repair shop, arresting Gutierrez for illegally employing persons without an I-9 form and detaining his workers, including Arahida. ("Queen Sacrifice")

Bryce learns his cancer is in remission and rushes to Angeles Hospital to tell Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole has discovered that Arahida is being held by ICE. She starts to tell Bryce, but is interrupted by Bryce kissing her. ("Course Correction")


  • Keiko Arahida has appeared in 4 of 22 aired episodes.

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