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Maneesh Sandhar
1x17 Maneesh Sandhar.jpg
Actor Rizwan Manji
First Seen "Black Swan"
Name Maneesh Sandhar
Status Alive
Job Doctor
Saw in Flash Unknown

In "Black Swan", Maneesh Sandhar assisted in Edward Ned's surgery and was perplexed when Olivia Benford announced that Ned had Addison's Disease.

In "Believe", he was assisting in surgery with a problem patient. He answered questions from Olivia Benford for which Bryce Varley had no answers.

In "The Garden of Forking Paths", he told Olivia Benford that halothane was only used as an anesthetic in developing countries.


  • Maneesh Sandhar has appeared in 3 of 22 aired episodes.
  • Maneesh wore a surgical mask in his first two appearances; his face was not shown until his third.
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