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Marshall Vogel
1x10 Marshall Vogel.jpg
Actor Michael Ealy
First Seen "A561984"
Last Seen "Future Shock"
Name Marshall Vogel
Status Alive
Job CIA agent
Saw in Flash Himself outside of the Benford's home telling another man that "Mark Benford is dead."

Marshall Vogel is a CIA agent.

Character Biography[]

Before the Blackout[]


Only a few seconds of Vogel's flashforward has been shown. In it, he is standing outside the Benfords' home with another man and informs this man that "Mark Benford is dead." Vogel then turns and sees Charlie Benford looking out the door at them. This corroborates Charlie's flashforward. ("Better Angels")

After the Blackout[]

Vogel meets Mark Benford and Demetri Noh at Chek Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong. Vogel initially claimed to be the FBI legal attaché in Hong Kong, and he urged the two FBI agents to leave Hong Kong. Vogel later helped defuse an armed confrontation between Hong Kong police, Nhadra Udaya, Udaya's men, Benford, and Noh after Benford had taken Udaya hostage. While Benford and Noh are in the airport to leave Hong Kong, Benford realized that Vogel was not an FBI agent; Vogel admitted to being with the CIA and told Benford that the FBI is a very small piece of the Mosaic puzzle. ("A561984")

After Mark and Demitri return to Los Angeles, Vogel follows, and becomes a part of the task force and gives orders in a manner indicative of a supervisor. In Mark's absence, Vogel works with Demitri. The two track down and discover the bodies of the paramedics, and also the missing ambulance. They are present when the ambulance explodes. Vogel, noting that the kidnappers are anticipating their moves, suggests that the killers in Mark's flash had visions of their own, and are using that knowledge to get the drop on the investigation. ("Revelation Zero, Part 1")


  • Vogel has appeared in 10 of 22 aired episodes.
  • His last name, "Vogel", is German and Dutch for "bird".

Unanswered Questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • How does Marshall know Nhadra?
  • What does he know about her (e.g. her connection with D.Gibbons and her Mosaic wall?)
  • What information does he have about the investigation that the rest of the task force does not have? He hints at his privileged information in "Revelation Zero, Part 1".
  • What is the source of his information about Mark's death?
  • Was Vogel responsible, directly or indirectly, for Mark's death?
    • Is he a mole/"bad guy"?
    • Was he given advanced knowledge, enough to prevent it?
    • Who does he really work for?
  • Does Vogel really believe that Mark Benford is dead in his vision, or is it something he tells the other man as part of a cover?
  • Was he intentionally looking at Charlie in his vision?
  • How did Vogel knew about the whereabouts of the EMT bodies?

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