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Nhadra Udaya had a wall in her office that was similar in concept to that of Mark Benford's Mosaic Investigation wall. Nhadra's featured many of the same items as the FBI's. Each wall has items that the other did not. Even in cases where items appear on both walls, there are differences which may or may not be minor physically and plotwise.

Items only on Nhadra's wall[]

  • A long strip of paper with "A561984" written on it
  • A large, black and white photo of Demetri Noh (accompanies the "A561984" strip of paper)
  • A long strip of paper with the left side covered by other clues. The visible part shows the end of a word ending in "-erick."
  • A strip of paper with “1942, 198…” written on it. The right end up to and including parts of the eight are covered by the picture of Demetri Noh.
  • A flyer of Key Star Air. (The logo of this airline features a five-pointed star identical to those of the three-star tattoo.)
  • A wanted poster for a terrorism suspect
  • A flyer with a biohazard symbol and large, red Chinese characters. The first line is "生物公害", meaning biological public hazard. The second line is "防制", meaning prevention and control. The flyer reads public biohazard control.
  • A map centered on Cyprus and apparently showing some sort of phenomenon in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea
  • A card with the letters “MW”, an image of Central America and presumably contact information.
  • A plan of railroad tracks.
  • A drawing of two circles

Common items of Mark's and Nhadra's wall[]

Unanswered Questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • How did Nhadra get this information?
  • How does Nhadra get clues before Mark does (e.g. the hydra clue)?
  • What do the differences between Nhadra's wall and Mark's wall mean and what do they indicate for the future?
  • What significance, if any, do differences between clues on the two walls indicate (e.g. the cropped hydra or Nhadra's black and white photos)?
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