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FlashForward is a television series based on the novel Flash Forward written by Canadian science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer. The show airs on ABC and its first season is scheduled for thirteen episodes, with a full-season order possible should the ratings be strong enough.

Created by David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga, FlashForward tells the story of the aftermath of a global blackout in which the entire world looses conscious for two minutes and 17 seconds, seeing visions, or "flashforwards", of their lives six months into the future. When the blackout is over, many have died as a result of their sudden unconsciousness, and the survivors are left struggling to unravel what they saw - or didn't see - in their flashforwards.

FlashForward stars Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Jack Davenport, Zachary Knighton, Peyton List, Brían F. O'Byrne, Courtney B. Vance, Sonya Walger, and Christine Woods.

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Unknown Date

1922 - 1923

Unknown Date

1954 - 1955

Unknown Date


Saturday, April 19


Thursday, July 12


Friday, April 19

1971 - 1972

Unknown Date


Saturday, April 19


Thursday, February 17

1977 - 1979

Unknown Date


Wednesday, January 25

Saturday, December 22


Wednesday, December 25

1986 - 1991

Unknown Date



Unknown Date


Unknown Date

  • Dyson is supposedly killed in a boating accident on a boat called Le Monstre de Boisteau (Boisteau's Monster). ("Better Angels")




  • Construction of the lasers in the Ganwar region is completed. ("Gimme Some Truth")
  • The Beta Blackout occurs in the Ganwar region and the villagers see two weeks into their future. Abdi witnesses this since he is herding goats outside of the village. ("137 Sekunden") ("Better Angels")

Unknown Date (Two Weeks After the Beta Blackout)

  • Dyson records interviews with the villagers that blacked out and saw their futures. He then records a message for Demetri to receive on January 4, 2010.


Unknown Date


Monday, July 4


Unknown Date

  • Tracy visits Aaron in prison. After visiting hours are over, Guard Corby makes lurid comments about Tracy to Aaron. Aaron then beats him. ("Blowback")


Unknown Date

  • Didi becomes a cardmember of her credit card company. ("White to Play")


Unknown Date

1999 - 2001

Unknown Date

2000 - 2001

Unknown Date



2002 - 2003

Unknown Date


Unknown Date

2004 - 2005

Unknown Date

  • The ice cream parlor Tracy used to take Nicole to is turned into a Giant Juice. ("Black Swan")


Unknown Date

  • Kate starts working as a bartender at Tinhorn Flats. ("137 Sekunden")


Thursday, January 20

  • Dave Segovia is elected president of the United States of America.

Unknown Date


Unknown Dates

Sunday, September 30 - Saturday, October 6

  • Tracy works long-range recon on a village in the foothills near Kunar, Afghanistan, by herself. She is ordered to stay covert so the locals will not see her. Jericho then attacks the village as Tracy watches them kill the villagers. ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

Sunday, October 7 - Saturday, October 13

Tuesday, October 16

  • Tracy, along with Mike Willingham and a couple other marines, pull duty at a forward roadblock near the Kalikata Mountains. A Hajji truck breaches their roadblock and they drive after it in a Humvee. Jericho then attacks their Humvee, exploding it with a rocket. Everybody escapes the blast except for Tracy, who loses her right leg in the explosion. Mike goes back to look for Tracy and finds her, but believes she died. ("The Gift") ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

Thursday, October 18

2007 - 2008

Unknown Date


Unknown Dates


  • Bryce and Nicole meet at Olivia's Christmas party. ("The Gift")


Tuesday, January 20

  • Dave is re-elected president.


Sunday, September 6 - Saturday, September 12

Sunday, September 13 - Saturday, September 19

Sunday, September 20 - Saturday, September 26

Sunday, September 27 - Saturday, October 3

  • 09:54 ?.M., Pacific Daylight Time: Didi uses her credit card to pay for a manicure in Newport Beach, California.
  • 10:56 ?.M.; Mountain Daylight Time: Dyson uses Didi's cloned credit card at a gas station in Utah.

Monday, October 5

Tuesday, October 6

  • 07:00 A.M., Pacific Daylight Time: Mark gets ready to go to work and Olivia asks him to not forget to check the garage door since it is acting up again.
  • Charlie watches The Tim Tim & Squirrelio Show as Mark serves her breakfast.
  • Nicole arrives at the Benford home late to babysit Charlie. Mark asks if she can stay an extra hour or two since Olivia will be working the late shift.
  • Olivia tries calling Bryce since he did not show up at rounds, but only gets his voicemail and leaves a message.
  • 10:30 A.M., Eastern Daylight Time (07:30 A.M., Pacific Daylight Time): In Toronto, Canada, Simon comforts Annabelle at Roger's funeral as Lorraine gives a speech. ("Revelation Zero, Part 2")
  • Simon gets in a car ready to go to a funeral home, but his driver Victor drives in a different direction, informing Simon that he has been instructed to deliver him to the Lakeside Heliport where he will be airlifted to his final destination. Victor then gives Simon a baseball ticket to a division playoff game at the Oxide Super Stadium in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Aaron speaks at an AA meeting about the Marines bringing Tracy's thirty-seven pound remains back from Afghanistan. Mark and others listen as Aaron reveals he took a drink the night the Marines DNA-confirmed it was Tracy. ("No More Good Days")
  • After the meeting, Mark asks Aaron if he has called a nurse named Amanda yet since Olivia tried to set them up on a date, which he has not, saying "Nurses freak me out, man."
  • While Charlie sleeps in her bedroom, Nicole has her boyfriend Joel over for some foreplay.
  • Olivia and Debbie go into surgery at Angeles Hospital.
  • Aaron is working on a telephone pole.
  • Bryce is standing on the Venice Pier preparing to kill himself.
  • Mark and Demetri are on a stakeout watching Khalid and Omar leave with Alda holding a briefcase in a black SUV. Mark and Demetri then take pursuit as they are spotted tailing them.
  • Simon arrives at the Oxide Super Stadium and is given a disposable cell phone. ("Revelation Zero, Part 2")
  • 01:54:26 P.M., Eastern Daylight Time: Dyson calls the disposable cell phone to instruct Simon.
  • 01:55:39 P.M., Eastern Daylight Time: Dyson calls Simon again.
  • 01:56:14 P.M., Eastern Daylight Time: Dyson calls Simon a third time.
  • 01:56:51 P.M., Eastern Daylight Time: Dyson calls Simon a fourth time.
  • 01:58:18 P.M., Eastern Daylight Time: Dyson calls Simon a fifth time. Simon has become frustrated and asks who it is that is instructing him. But Dyson informs him that he does not get to ask questions and he should do as he is told. He then instructs him to find his seat, sit down, take the tub of popcorn at his seat and eat the popcorn. Simon does this and finds a small box in the tub and takes it out. Dyson tells Simon that there is a ring inside the box and he needs to put it on since they are running out of time. Simon hangs up, opens the box and puts on the ring.
  • 02:00 P.M., Eastern Daylight Time (11:00 A.M., Pacific Daylight Time): The GBO occurs. ("No More Good Days")