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Rudolf Geyer
Actor Curt Lowens
First Seen "137 Sekunden"
Name Rudolf Geyer
Status Alive
Job Prisoner
Saw in Flash Himself being released at an American airport

Rudolf Geyer is a former Nazi, and German prisoner.

Character Biography[]


Geyer had been posted in Treblinka during World War II.

At the time of the GBO, Geyer was imprisoned in the Quale Prison in Munich, Germany.


Newly released from Quale Prison, Geyer was at an American airport talking to Jerome Murphy, a customs officer.  Geyer mentions to Murphy that he is returning home to the United States "thanks to a murder".


After conning his way to freedom, Geyer revealed what happened after the flashforward: Waking up inside a jail cell, he looked out into the courtyard and saw dead crows (for which the collective plural noun is a "murder") in the courtyard while buildings in the distance burned.

Remembering Mark Benford's name from his flashforward, he gained the interest of Agent Vreede. Remembering Geyer's photo from the Mosaic Investigation wall, Mark, alongside Janis Hawk decided to go visiting Geyer in Munich.  Geyer cons Benford into arranging for his release from prison and safe passage to the United States in exchange for information that will explain why the flash forward lasted exactly 2:17, or "137 sekunden".  Geyer does not explain it directly but instead tells Benford about the murder of crows he saw and gives Benford a book about birds.  He tells Benford that he believes this information is important to Benford's investigation.