Flash Forward Wiki
Sheriff Keegan
Actor Marina Black
First Seen "White to Play"
Name Keegan
Status Deceased
Job Sheriff
Saw in Flash Nothing

Sheriff Keegan was the sheriff of Pigeon, Utah.

Character Biography[]


Nothing is known about Sheriff Keegan's life prior to the GBO.


Keegan didn't experience any flashforward.


Sheriff Keegan met up with Mark Benford and Demetri Noh as they arrived in Pigeon. She aided in the investigation based on Didi Gibbons' flashforward. In it, she was on the phone arguing with an unknown person about the town of Pigeon, Utah. Keegan, unlike Demetri, was pleased that she hadn't had a FlashForward because everyone she knew that had had one was worrying about it. Keegan and other FBI agents positioned themselves around a bus station where D. Gibbons was supposed to be, as he had used Didi Gibbons credit card to buy himself a bus ticket. When D. Gibbons failed to show up for the departure of a bus leaving the area, Keegan, Mark and Demetri were left by themselves. They spotted an abandoned building nearby which used to make toy dolls and was called Divine Doll Company. A doll head was a clue on Mark's board, so the three of them entered. Inside the doll factory it was dark and filled with old doll pieces piled up in crates. They then heard something from above and started to climb the stairs. One of the steps which Mark stepped on activated a warning signal, by causing a load of dolls to sing the nursery rhyme "Ring and Ring of Roses". The three of them then burst into a room where D. Gibbons was. D. Gibbons dropped a lighter from his hand into a nearby tank containing petrol which caused an explosion catching the three of them off guard. He then produced a gun which he shot at Keegan with, killing her. He then escaped before Demetri and Mark could stop him. After the mess was cleaned up and backup had arrived, her dead body was taken away in a body bag. ("White to Play")