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Stanford Wedeck
S1 Stan.png
Actor Courtney B. Vance
First Seen "No More Good Days"
Last Seen "Future Shock"
Name Stanford Wedeck
Status Alive
Job FBI Agent
Saw in Flash Himself reading the newspaper

Stanford "Stan" Wedeck is the Assistant Director of the Los Angeles Field Office of the FBI. A former player in the DC political scene and close personal friend of President David Segovia, Wedeck has brought his political savvy and skills as a leader to his role at the FBI.

With the Mosaic Investigation, Wedeck has been handed the most daunting task the FBI has ever undertaken. Nonetheless, Wedeck maintains a dry sense of humor during the darkest of times, a saving grace as Mosaic finds itself under increasing scrutiny.

Character Biography[]


Stan and Janis observed from headquarters as Mark and Demetri engaged in a high-speed pursuit of two terror suspects and an unidentified female in a black SUV.

Flash Forward[]

Stan initially told others that in his Flash he was in a meeting. Later, when challenged by Mark Benford to identify additional participants at the meeting, he admitted that he was sitting on a toilet in a stall of a men's restroom, reading the sports section of a newspaper. He read about a game in which the Rays rallied from three runs down to sweep the Sox at Fenway, and another story about Kobe Bryant tearing a ligament in his knee, which benched him for the season. Stan went on to comment that he was also sitting on a toilet in real time.


After the global blackout, Stan gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to a man who had drowned in a urinal, then held a meeting to assess the damages and evaluate the consequences of the event. During the meeting, Mark revealed the nature of his flashforward, prompting Stan and the other agents to realize that there was something more going on than just a mass blackout.

Later, Stan met with Mark, Demetri and Janis, comparing notes on the events they witnessed in their various flashforwards. Stan omitted the detail of being in the restroom during his vision, instead claiming that he was "in a meeting" when he happened to look down and see the sports page of the newspaper. He then ordered the three agents to take point on their investigation into the flashforwards, over Demetri's objections, and explained that there would also be an inter-agency task force looking into the matter.


  • Stanford has appeared in 22 of 22 aired episodes.
  • If Stanford is telling the truth (see "Unanswered Questions"), he is the only known person whose blackout and flashforward were in the same location.

Unanswered Questions[]

Unanswered questions
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  • Does Stan know Gabriel McDow? If so, what is the nature of their relationship?
  • Is Stan still alive after a big part exploded of the FBI building?

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