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I first posted this on the Chess Game discussion page. In the chess game in White to Play, the white queen is the only piece that white can move to avoid being checkmated. Having the FBI find only that piece in the rubble is suggesting to me that if they do not use their "white queen", whatever it may be, they are going to fail and Suspect Zero and the Chess Player (along with whoever else they might be working with) are going to accomplish what they have been working towards. The fact that the episode is titled "White to Play" also suggests that it is the FBI's turn to make a move in the investigation. I am assuming the FBI is represented by white because of Flash Forward's close connections to Lost, a show that has white vs black/good vs bad as one if its most important bits of symbolism. With this assumption the group responsible for the blackout is represented by black.

The reason I am posting this theory on discussion pages and not main article pages is because my roommate and I have not played chess in years, which makes it very likely that we overlooked something when trying to find a way to make white win the chess match. The white queen was the only piece we were able to move to avoid having white lose, and if there is a counter to this move that black can make that we missed the theory is void.

Gaarmyvet pointed out to me that even if White makes this move, Black can then simply follow with Qxf1 and a checkmate. After noticing this, I don't have any ideas for the White Queen's symbolism other than it might symbolize that the FBI is one step too late or that no matter what they do, they will lose. Lustigjh 21:44, October 7, 2009 (UTC)