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The Gift

Mike Willingham[]

Mike describes to Aaron how Tracy died in an ambush, causing him to come to Aaron to return the knife. This action, coupled with Tracy's description of the ambush in a later episode, brings forth a number of questions, so of which are in the Unanswered questions section of the article.

  • Why could Tracy not get he door open?
  • If Jericho had a vehicle, how could Mike escape on foot?
  • What happened to the other two troops?
  • Where did Tracy keep her pocket knife if not in her pocket?
  • If Mike could not approach Tracy, how did he retrieve her knife?

Based as much upon the absence of explanation as hard evidence:

  • Mike was recruited by Jericho, before the ambush.
  • Mike disabled the handle of the passenger door of the vehicle.
  • The other two troops were also somehow involved because they exited the vehicle from the driver side much too readily.
  • If we could see Mike's left forearm, we would see a three-star tattoo.
  • Mike is a plant to gain Aaron's confidence so Jericho can find and kill Tracy.