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At the beginning of each episode, a title image appears interspersed with the word "FLASHFORWARD" in the title sequence as an Easter egg. The title image is always some sort of item or motif which somehow relates to the plot or themes of the episode.

"No More Good Days"

Charlie Benford makes and gives a friendship bracelet to Mark Benford.

"White to Play"

During the title image itself, the chess piece appears black, but that is due to shadowing; when the piece is later seen during the episode itself, it is clear that the piece is white.

"137 Sekunden"

The crows fly over Ganwar, Somalia, in October 1991.

"Black Swan"

A photo of a black swan was seen on the Mosaic Investigation wall in Mark Benford's flashforward.

"Gimme Some Truth"

The alarm clock that Maya bought for Janis Hawk as a gift is shown wheeling around as it did after Janis was shot.

"Scary Monsters and Super Creeps"

One of the blue hand posters that lead the FBI to one of the Already Ghosts' Blue Hand clubs.

"The Gift"

Al Gough removed a Not Today bullet from a revolver after playing a round of Russian roulette in a Blue Hand club.

"Playing Cards with Coyote"

An ace of hearts playing card from the game of Texas hold 'em between Simon and Lloyd Simcoe.


Keiko Arahida has a tattoo of the Japanese kanji 信 (meaning "believe") on her left wrist.


The Crown Cheese Steak flyer has the words "HELP US" written on it in red.

"Revelation Zero, Part 1"

The burning Bible set on fire by Nicole's mother.

"Revelation Zero, Part 2"

The hydra painting from the Mosaic Investigation wall.

1x13 TitleImage.jpg

Mike Willingham was tied hanged upside-down in front of the window of James Erskine's house by Aaron Stark on Erskine's daughter's birthday.

1x14 TitleImage.jpg
"Better Angels"

The necklace of three beads was worn by Abdi Khalif's mother. Khalif finds it on his mother's skeleton while exploring the remaining Ganwar tower with agents from the Mosaic Investigation.

1x15 TitleImage.jpg
"Queen Sacrifice"

Someone, originally thought to be Lloyd Simcoe but later revealed to be Dylan Simcoe, used the tube of lipstick to write the QED formula on Olivia Benford's bedroom mirror.

1x16 TitleImage.jpg
"Let No Man Put Asunder"

Several photographs of Demetri Noh are posted on Dyson Frost's wall. The texts "CUSTOMER", "15th, 2010 DEMETRI DIES", and "CARNIVAL" are visible.

1x17 TitleImage.jpg
"The Garden of Forking Paths"

Mark Benford, trying to retrieve the missing Demetri Noh, runs out of the main concourse of Union Station per the instructions given him by Dyson Frost.

1x18 TitleImage.jpg
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

Gabriel McDow was tied down to a bed in the Raven River Hospital for the Raven River experiments overseen by Dyson Frost.

1x19 TitleImage.jpg
"Course Correction"

Shelly Vreede found a sketch of the Mosaic Investigation wall in Gabriel McDow's belongings.

1x20 TitleImage.jpg
"The Negotiation"

A man in a celebration on Flashforward Day hands former alcoholic Mark Benford the liquor flask, and Benford begins drinking from it.

1x21 TitleImage.jpg

Thursday, April 29, 2010, also known as Flashforward Day or D-Day, is the day of the flashforwards seen during the Global Blackout.

1x22 TitleImage.jpg
"Future Shock"

Charlie Benford opens her eyes after experiencing a flashforward of herself as a teenager during the second Global Blackout on Thursday, April 29, 2010.