Flash Forward Wiki

i've been considering grabbing the box set for the entire season when its released. i was just curious if someone could respond after the finale and let me know if the series comes to a logical ending point. it doesn't matter to me if all the mysteries are solved, just if it seems like there's a complete story arch.

for example, "twin peaks" was cancelled at the end of the 2nd season with a lot of cliffhangers. however, the main story and character archs were at a point where the series could've been viewed as having an open-ended type of ending. there was definately a sense that things had returned to a status quo, though the story could have definately continued. i'd type more detail, but i don't want to ruin that show for anyone who hasn't seen it. (the same could be said for "invasion.")

i'd appreciate it if you don't spoil anything for me. chances are i'm still going to pick up the box set regardless. i was just curious if i should prepared to be left hanging by the time i get to the end.

thanks in advance.