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Zoey Andata
Actor Gabrielle Union
First Seen "137 Sekunden"
Last Seen "Countdown"
Name Zoey Andata
Status Alive
Job Criminal Defense Attorney
Saw in Flash Demetri's funeral

Zoey Andata is engaged to Demetri Noh.

Character Biography[]


Zoey had been planning her wedding to Demetri, and wanted their first dance to be to the song "Islands in the Stream", which they often sang together in karaoke bars while they were dating. She was visiting Seattle when the global blackout occurred.


In her flashforward, Zoey originally claims to see herself walking barefoot in the sand on her wedding day. A distant figure was glimpsed ahead of her, walking either toward or away from her but was assumed by Zoey to be Demetri. A second figure, next to the distant figure assumed to be Demetri, may have also been present.

However, she later realizes upon talking to Demetri's mother, who was also present in the flash, that her flashforward was actually of Demetri's memorial.


Zoey spoke with Demetri on the phone late that night, while he was working after the global blackout event. He agreed to her song choice for their first dance at the wedding. He told her that they could talk about the future when she got home, and then had to cut the call short to deal with something at work. ("No More Good Days")

When Zoey arrived in Los Angeles, she and Demetri made love, then discussed their flashes. Zoey told Demetri that she saw him waiting for her on the beach on their wedding day. Demetri lied that he saw the same thing. As a result of this, they both committed to a wedding date of April 29, 2010 where previously, it had been indeterminate. ("137 Sekunden")

Distracted or avoiding the subject, Demetri misses an appointment with some printers, resulting in an argument between Demetri and Zoey. Demetri confesses that he didn't have a flash. ("The Gift") Later, at a memorial service for a coworker, Zoey realizes that her flash was of Demetri's memorial, which also accounted for why his parents were not returning her phone calls. ("A561984")

After returning from Hong Kong, Demetri tells her that they had information that Mark's gun would be the weapon used in his death. Zoey confronts Mark about this, then later visits Stan with a FOIA request to see all the research in the Mosaic case. Thinking that Alda Hertzog has some information critical to Demetri's death, she agrees to represent her in exchange for information. When Alda is skeptical, Zoey asks her if she was behind bars in her flash, to which Alda responds in the negative. ("Blowback")


  • Zoey has appeared in 9 of 22 aired episodes.

Unanswered Questions[]

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  • What information has Zoey found that leads her to believe that Alda Hertzog may have knowledge that can prevent Demetri's death?

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